Living in Pagosa Springs

Pagosa Springs has no shortage of activities. There are countless options for the outdoor enthusiast. This is just a taste of what is available





Outdoor Activities


Hot Springs

Pagosa Springs is home to the World’s Deepest Geothermal Hot Spring (Guinness World Record Certified). No one knows how deep it truly is because the bottom hasn’t been hit yet, but it is at least 1,002 feet deep. This Hot Spring is too hot for a soak, but it does feed geothermal mineral water to the Hot Springs Spas downtown.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding options around Pagosa Springs are virtually endless. With lots of opportunities to ride on National Forest land, you will have a hard time repeating a trail when you have access to 2.5 million acres. The fun doesn’t stop with riding a horse though. Outfitters also include hunting trips, camping, fishing or winter sled-rides. For a full list of outfitters, check out Visit Pagosa Springs.


Pagosa Springs lies at the base of the spectacular San Juan National Forest. There is beauty at every turn in these mountains. Extreme climbers all the way to casual walkers will love what the San Juans have to offer.

For all outdoor activities, please note any closures (which can be seasonal) as well as other warnings about the area (like the need for a 4wd vehicle to access the trailhead)

For details on the best trails, visit Pagosa Trails


Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking in Pagosa Springs is just as, if not more popular than hiking! It’s immensely popular among locals and people will travel to Pagosa Springs just to mountain bike. There are trail systems right from downtown, or you can test your mettle in the San Juans.

For details on the best trails, visit Pagosa Trails


The waters in and around Pagosa Springs are home to a rich diversity of fish. Lower elevation waters contain catfish, bass, perch and pan fish. Higher (and cooler) waters contain pike, kokanee salmon and a variety of trout. Visit Pagosa Springs has a full list of fishing waters.



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