2150 USFS Road 521 #24 Creede CO Real Estate

The property being listed for sale is a single share in the S Lazy U Trout Club, a Colorado nonprofit corporation (the 'Club'), and does not include or involve any real property of any kind or any other personal property. This share of the Club has been allocated building site number 24 on the map of the Club's building sites. This building site is completely vacant and undeveloped. Ownership of this share of the Club is subject to all legal matters that apply to the Club and it's shares, including all applicable laws, rules and regulations of the State of Colorado and the Unites States, and all controlling documents of the Club, including its Bylaws and Rules and Regulations. Broker will ensure that any prospective purchaser of the Property has been provided a current copy of the Club's Bylaws and Rules and Regulations and fully understands the nature of the Property being listed in this Contract.