3023 County Road 335 Pagosa Springs CO Real Estate

2 bed/1 bath, 1200 sq. ft. Earthship, designed by Solar Survival Architecture and built in 1995, 2nd bedroom added in 2012. The front of the house was removed and reframed in 2015 with vertical glass to prevent summer overheating and add interior volume, and a new pro-panel roof was installed at that time. The home is designed for the addition of a second floor if desired. The home has near-perfect passive solar performance, with a fifty-foot glass front wall giving panoramic views from 100 feet above the valley floor. The home features warm sunny floors in winter, and is cool and shady in the summer, with lots of fresh air. Super low utility costs/bills all around. Water is from roof catchment and is stored in approx. 1000 gal. cistern with three stage filter (sediment, carbon and UV). A wood stove supplements heat in the winter and adds cheer. The back bedroom has a radiant slab installed (currently lacking heat source). There is a graywater-absorbing planter bed in the front of the home for year-round food production. Floors are hand-finished adobe and recycled flagstone. Walls and pathway lines are gracefully curved for form and function and feature recycled/repurposed materials throughout the home. Hand-crafted cabinets and storage in every room and traditional viga roof beams add lots of character and charm. Grid-backed solar system with battery backup, super efficient Sunfrost fridge/freezer and on-demand propane heater for hot water. Sunmar compost toilet with added fan and heating pad. The home is located on 3.92 acres on a south-facing hillside with access to thousands of hike-able acres of national forest behind the property. Shaded front patio adds space, and 350 sq. ft. strawbale greenhouse and terraced garden beds allow for self-sufficient lifestyle. There are amazing views of the river valley, and mountains all around, and the sound of the river can be heard from the home almost year round. There is an open canopy of ponderosa pine and Douglas fir on the property, with Juniper and Gamble Oak as understory, abundant with wildflowers and wildlife, and edible and medicinal plants. An incredibly beautiful place, perfect for mountain lovers, stargazers, bird watchers, writers, creators and contemplatives. Traditional financing is most likely not an option, a cash deal will be needed. Please do NOT drive up the driveway. Directions will bring you to the incorrect driveway. The home is located directly after the 3 mile marker on the right side of the road!